about me!!

who am i?

hello! nice to meet you through this lcd prison! my name is gabby! or you can call me gabriella! i am here making this lil website as a side project for me! and also because i just really want to escape the nightmare that is the modern internet(and the real world). i'm also a pluviophile, who is usually freaking out irl but on the internet i'm really chill! also i'm a transgender who goes by she/her pronouns! (i feel kinda silly saying that out loud)

↑that's me!

what do you do on here?

i will usually talk about what i'm currently thinking if something interesting happens! it may either be silly stuff, or just me hating myself! hopefully it will be silly stuff, because i'm also making this website on my school's chromebook. so im just hoping that this won't get blocked, since i really want to make this site...(lol)

current hyperfixation:


my interests!

shows and games

also these stamps were made by Shadok,idc if they said not to credit because they're great

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