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1/2/2024{Trust Issues}11:10am

starting off the year strong i suppose. so yesterday was a lot, i won't go into details but basically my mom doesn't trust me anymore, and it makes sense why, since i keep lying to her, but i feel so bad for her since she works for me and my little sister, i feel like a horrible person. i AM a horrible person, i keep lying to her just so i won't make her mad but then at the end i make things worse. after that, my mom told me to clean and now my whole body HURTS. i can't really tell her since, she would probably tell me to "get over it". but while i was cleaning i kept making mistakes, and eveyrytime i did, my mom would say things like "if you can teach yourself how to lie then you should teach yourself how to clean." it makes me feel horrible, i scratched and cried several times downstairs, but when i came back upstairs i usually acted like nothing happened, i acted "normal", like i did no tapping or shaking my leg, i just acted like other people did, im trying my best, but i keep messing up. i'm just trying not to make her embarrassed, or make her look like a bad person. i seem ungrateful for everything i get, but i'm VERY grateful, but i can't express or tell them that, i could only say a simple thank you. i don't know why.. but i'm planning on telling my therapist if i could get a screening for autism, because i seem to be connecting dots together. i would tell my mom, but she would call me crazy, or a clown, or something. i still feel horrible for lying, why didn't i listen?


tamagotchi is such a strange concept, but at the same time also makes sense, if you can't afford a pet that cost 100 bucks with your pocket money, i guess this is a good alternative! and since tamagotchi got so popular, of course there is many, MANY lines of tamagotchi products that came out, even today they're still making new tamagotchis! well, by new i mean those tamagotchi that include different popular IPs. but i'm going to talk to you about some strange bizarre tamagotchi products that i came across.

so the concept of a tamagotchi is basically just needing to take care of a virtual pet, in the game, your tama starts off as a baby, and when you take care of them, they grow up until they retire and die. which honestly, sounds extremely sad, but i guess that makes sense since pets don't really live forever.. as of now tamagotchi is 27 years old! and from all of those years, there were bound to be some tamagotchi products that were strange..

the first one i found was a tamagotchi yo-yo. a yo-yo. i've never heard anyone talk about this EVER, the tamagotchi yo-yo is really obscure actually, i've only seen a few pictures of the tamagotchi yo-yo when i searched it up, there are only a few sold on ebay though, i wonder how long these even lasted when they first released..

another weird tamagotchi product that they realized is a little more popular, it was a toys-to-life tamagotchi! it was called the tamagotchi restaurant, it was basically a toy where instead of taking care of a pet, you could buy little figures of some of the tamagotchi, and place the figures in a kitchen where you could then grow your restuarant! it was a really cool idea that i'm sad that they never made expiremental things like this in the future...

one last thing i wanted to talk about was how when they tried to think of what to release, they just took office supplies and made them RELATED to tamagotchi, i can't remember what they were exactly, but still, to think that tamagotchi is still going strong after SO LONG is really amazing! although, i am sad that they now base their "new" tamagotchis as collaborations with popular franchises, but they do sell well, i guess it's pretty smart since if yo have a gudetama fan, then once tamagotchi RELEASES a gudetama tamagotchi, that gudetama fan would be a tamagotchi fan too. it's a pretty smart strategy, but i feel like that original energy from when they first started is gone, who knows, maybe there will be more amazing things coming soon FROM tamagotchi, but as of right now, we don't really know yet. lol.

1/6/2024{The Nostalgia of The Nintendo 3DS}8:07pm

so when i was 5 i got a nintendo 3ds, and honestly, the 3ds is a big part of my childhood, and MYSELF. it was probably the first time i've ever played a game, not counting the leapfrog pad i had when i was younger.. but yea, i played the 3ds and took it everywhere, where i got streetpasses for other people WITH a 3ds! it was so cool and felt futuristic!! and i'm going to talk about why (for me) the 3ds felt like a NOSTALGIA dream..

so i had a few games when i first got my 3ds, one being new super mario bros 2, and the other being luigi's mansion. now, when i was little, i loved playing both of them, it was so fun, with all of the colors and animation!


so... i've been, away, for a little bit... yea if anyone is wondering why there is a 2 month gap, it's because i got WAY too busy. another reason for leaving for a little bit is because my school BLOCKED neocities, which i am kind of pissed at, because i was the only one using neocities and making a website... but yea lately i've been very tired. i will try to come back but yea i'm still really busy. hope u all have a good day or night, bye!

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